Study: Hispanic customers seek kid-friendly restaurants

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“Hispanic restaurant consumers tell us that they would visit restaurants more if they make children feel welcome,” according to this study.


We find this to be true of all families, not only Hispanic customers.  This study provides one more data point along those lines.

Family Hospitality Group’s A.J. Mesalic Completes Triathlon

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Our own A.J. Mesalic started competing in triathlons earlier in 2011.  This weekend he finished the Amica 19.7 Lake Las Vegas triathlon which consisted of a half-mile swim, a 16.1 bike ride over hills, and a 3.1 mile run against 107 competitors.  A.J. reports being “happy to move up toward the middle of the pack” after starting the year at the back of the pack. Way to go A.J., we support your drive to better yourself!

After-race photo

A.J. and racer #137 share a laugh after the race

Press release – New Classy Kids Club Is First To Help Restaurants Promote Family Fun

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28-August-2011–Las Vegas, NV – The Family Hospitality Group (, the industry innovator that created the fastest-growing crayon market segment with its patented triangular crayons and that has introduced numerous other popular, kid-friendly activities for leading family restaurants and chains, announces the launch of a game-changing development. The Classy Kids Club™ is the newest and most effective way yet for restaurants to engage with kids and families.

The Classy Kids Club™ was built on the proven capability of adult loyalty systems, but specifically tailored to enable kids, for the first time, to earn rewards for themselves and their family. As a technology and service offering that any business can participate in, the new service is a replacement for elementary birthday email clubs and punch cards, and offers customizable branding for participating restaurants and other businesses. The software allows bonus points to be earned for such things as selecting healthy menu items and demonstrating good behavior while dining out (or in church service, etc.). Points can also be earned for good grades, participating in an activity or event, or trying a new menu item. The points can then be redeemed at the participating restaurant for food purchases or other special gifts. The possibilities are endless, and rewards can be made low- or no-cost, yet still substantially increase the branding as a fun place for families.

 “There are many loyalty system options for adult customers, and they obviously work, but until now, there hasn’t been a service like this, ready for businesses to implement for kids,” explains A.J. Mesalic of the Family Hospitality Group. “Our system is built specifically so that kids can feel the glow of VIP membership and be rewarded for making good choices. The Classy Kids Club™ helps any enterprise improve their family-friendly reputation while driving repeat business. It’s great for kids, families, and businesses.”

With the Classy Kids Club, a family’s choices can now be influenced in a relevant and mutually beneficial way. Participating businesses will be clearly recognized as a fun, kid-friendly place, while promoting good choices and instilling a sense of pride and brand affinity among its junior customer base. The results are an immediate and sustained increase in revenue through long-term customer loyalty. An optional adult loyalty system is also available from the company. When used as a single platform, the restaurant can tie together marketing efforts for all age demographics.

The Club is currently only available at select beta test customer sites until full availability in the upcoming months. If your company wants to offer kids membership in your own Classy Kids Club™, visit or contact the Family Hospitality Group directly at clubmgmt(at) for more information.

About the Company: The Family Hospitality Group is an innovative marketing company that specializes in working with restaurants and other businesses to increase brand affinity and retain loyal family customers. Their patented triangular crayons, cups, placemats and other kid-friendly offerings are used daily to accommodate kids in thousands of restaurants and available through distributors such as Sysco, US Foodservice, Hoffmaster and Edward Don & Co.

Red Robin on strategy behind loyalty program | Nation’s Restaurant News

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“Red Robin reported a 2-percent increase in guest traffic at stores that tested the loyalty program.”  Then the results kept getting better from there.

via Red Robin on strategy behind loyalty program | Nation’s Restaurant News.

Call us today about implementing your own loyalty program using our system developed by experienced foodservice professionals with the foodservice industry in mind.

Family Hospitality customer BJ’s Restaurants: Growth, price hikes on the horizon

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Continuing its segment-leading momentum, BJ’s Restaurants Inc. is planning to modestly ramp up growth across the country as it attempts to capture a larger market share of the casual-dining sector.

via BJ’s: Growth, price hikes on the horizon | Nation’s Restaurant News

Kids LiveWell initiative launches – Contact us to learn how you can participate and adapt your kids menu

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Beginning today, kids will find some cool new choices on their restaurant menus — choices that will make their parents happy, too.

More than 15,000 restaurants in the USA representing 19 chains, including Burger King, Cracker Barrel, Chili’s, Denny’s and IHOP, are participating in a voluntary new initiative called Kids LiveWell.

See the full story at  This is an excellent example of the private sector taking action to obviate the need for regulation

Are you ready to redesign and reprint your kids menus and activity books to get on board with the new initiative?  Contact us for help and information about how you can participate in the Kids LiveWell initiative too.  For more information about our company visit our website at

My life as a Behavior Therapist: CrayAngles… awesome idea!

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I am a Behavior Therapist working with children diagnosed with Autism.  I’m excited about trying these out during my session.

via My life as a Behavior Therapist: CrayAngles… awesome idea!.


Not just for restaurants but occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, special needs educators, day cares, schools… anyone wanting to teach proper grip!

Top 100 Kid-Friendly Restaurants

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Diners’ Choice Awards for Kid-Friendly Restaurants in the United States

via Top 100 Kid-Friendly Restaurants |

Congratulations to our customers on the list! Would you like your business to be tops on your community’s list? Contact us for:
– Marketing Insights
– The best in crayons, placemats, cups, and toys

Family Hospitality Group Sponsors the 5th Annual Diamond Kid Triathlon

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Thank you Sponsors for making this possible. And most of all thank you Diamond Kid Racers, for racing your hearts out and making us all so proud!

via Diamond Kid Triathlon home page.

We were thrilled to be a part of this terrific event. The Diamond Kid Triathlon is run in Blue Diamond, Nevada every June. About 250 young athletes, often competing for the first time, race through a combination of swim, bike, and running distances ranging from 2.5 to 5 total miles over a hilly course. The Family Hospitality team loves to promote healthy, active lifestyles among the youth of today. Many kids had a blast and will find the fun and reward in lifelong fitness because of this event. We appreciate the organizers for putting on a first class race.

Each child also received a goody bag after the race which included their favorite Classy Kid Products.

U.S. Faces Costlier Chinese Imports –

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The Wall Street Journal reports

U.S. import prices, excluding oil, rose 8% over the past two years, a historic shift from their downward drift for two decades.

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