#6 – Bringing it Together on the Tabletop

Through this series, you’ve learned about proven low or no-cost ways to draw attention to your place of business as a great destination for families of all shapes and sizes. Are you on point with your presentation when they get there? Think about the “hospitality presentation” you make in those first 15 minutes while families have a limited number of things to look at on the table.

Of course this is a plug for what we sell. Let’s be clear about that! Whether you work with us or not, you really need to have child accommodation products on hand and here’s why it’s important. Sure we have lots of data about how kids influence the family’s decision on where to eat 91% of the time, and their #1 criteria is the fun factory. However look at the context of you among your competitors. For a sit-down restaurant to not offer child accommodation and entertainment items to pass the time in this day and age makes you look suspect. What, you don’t care about kids? Of course you do. Don’t let anyone get that bad impression!

From about 2004 to 2014 restaurants engaged in a decade of escalating hospitality amenity one-upmanship from which there is no going back. The same thing happened the decade before with hotels. First one chain offered soap; then all their competitors had to. Then another offered shampoo, and so on until the set of amenities that a guest could expect at any hotel was a new cultural norm. What would you think of an upscale hotel now that didn’t offer those things? Families will look at you the same way if your tabletop presentation is not on point.

In foodservice and other places where kids get bored, it has become necessary to provide some form of engagement, entertainment, or accommodation like cups with spill-proof lids. This proves you care about the needs of the family. Yes it is an expense but there are many options at affordable price points. Hyperactive kids with nothing to do are not good for business, so everyone wins when kids are entertained with something wholesome and engaging. The classic standard is the crayon pack and a printed placemat, along with special cups for kids where drinks are served. There are a few alternatives to crayons and lots of variations on this theme, but you can’t go wrong with the a coordinated set of the basics of kids’ entertainment. Let us arm you to compete effectively in the restaurant hospitality battle for customer loyalty. The way you treat the youngest among us speaks volumes about your brand. Parents and children all take note.

Our company offers coordinated child accommodation products like you see in these pictures. Whether you’re a big chain or not, we give you a put-together, coordinated look. Furthermore for multi-location concepts you can customize many of these kids’ entertainment items with your brand. You would be surprised at how cost-effective this is with Family Hospitality! We have the lowest customization minimums in the industry, and free freight deals that will make you smile.


Coordinated Child Accommodation Presentation – Active Theme Cups, Crayons, Placemat for Kids


Coordinated Child Accommodation Presentation – Sea Theme Cups, Crayons, Placemat for Kids

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