7 steps to make your restaurant a ‘Pokemon Go’ hot spot

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NRN’s Ron Ruggless explains how to “Lure” monster hunters to your restaurant location in his post at http://nrn.com/consumer-trends/7-steps-make-your-restaurant-pokemon-go-hot-spot

Pokemon Go

Brandon Coleman also gave this good advice: Pokemon Go stops and gyms are generated through a previous game called Ingress. There are over 15 million locations in the Ingress system, 5 million of which have been approved for use in Pokemon Go. If you don’t have a stop or gym at your restaurant, try organizing a Pokemon catching tour or Pokemon based specials. The game is intended to bring people together in real life to interact with one another, so use this insight to your advantage. Another potential insight to leverage: Pokemon Go can run through an entire battery within a few hours. Charging stations can be very relevant for Pokemon Trainers, also known as potential customers. At the end of the day, it is important for restaurant leaders to align themselves with Pokemon in a way that complements their brand (and for some restaurants this means abstaining completely). Trends come and go but your brand will remain.

Kids are on the move! Take advantage of this fun and healthy trend so that everyone benefits.

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