Adult Coloring Options and Reusable Tritan Kids’ Tumblers Drive New Business and Better Profits

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For immediate release: May 13th, 2016

Restaurant owner/operators keep a sharp eye on the bottom line. If there’s a way to increase revenue or lower costs, they’re interested. Today, Family Hospitality Group is announcing four new product lines to do just that.

  • Premium Adult Coloring Placemats
  • Retro Kids’ Toys
  • Chopstick Trainers
  • Reusable Tritan Kids’ Tumblers

Premium Adult Coloring Placemats

Adult coloring books have exploded and aren’t slowing down. Restaurateurs can now offer their customers premium coloring options for pennies. Most coloring options have been aimed at kids. That’s the past.

The only adult option on the market until now has been plain brown butcher paper that is used as a tablecloth. Now, restaurateurs can endear themselves to guests of all ages by giving their adult customers these fun new coloring options.

Adult Coloring Mat Featuring Stars, The Ocean and a Sailboat
Sailboat, Ocean, Starry Sky Theme (Credit: Family
Hospitality Group)
Adult Coloring Mat Featuring Organic Designs, Plants and Frills
Intricate, Organic, Theme (Credit: Family Hospitality Group)

Retro Kids’ Toys

Parents and kids want more than just good food. They want to have fun. The Old-School Interactive line of toys does just that.

Kids will love the challenge of putting together their own Make-n-Play Checkerboard Weave and the always popular Snip-Snap Fortune Teller. These are the toys their parents played with for hours and they’re still popular today.

Chopstick Trainers

You’ve used forks, knives, and spoons your entire life. But have you heard of the Chork? How about Chopstick Tutors?

For restaurateurs who want to offer the chopstick experience without the learning curve, these trainers are perfect.

Hand Holding a Red Chort
The Chopstick Fork or Chork

They’re colorful, easy to use, and intuitive. And it means that restaurants won’t have to stock multiple utensils; forks and knives plus chopsticks. They’re great all-in-ones.

Chopstick Helpers Or Trainers
Chopstick Tutors

Reusable Tritan Kids’ Tumblers

How do you keep costs down and still stand out from the crowd? Quality reusable products pay for themselves many times over. But kids can destroy to normal glass or thin-walled plastic cups in the blink of an eye.

Enter, Tritan. Tritan is a durable, kid-friendly product used in high-end sports bottles. Now, restauranteurs can get their costs down and be unique by using the reusable Triton kids’ tumblers from FHG.

Reusable Kid's Cups Featuring Tritan
Tritan Reusable Cups

Reusable Cups for Kids Help Reduce Costs and Entertain Guests

These bottles are:

  • Reusable: If it was cheaper to use disposable everything restaurants would do it. But it isn’t. It’s actually quite expensive. Within a week (12 washings), Tritan cups will pay for themselves.
  • Tough: The Tritan material means these cups won’t break like glass or thin-walled plastic cups when they’re dropped.
  • Silicone Grips: Kids are known to drop things. The silicone grips on these reusable cups make them super easy to hold onto. Or make this a premium when you sell these great tumblers.
  • Unique and Customizable: Restaurants can have their logo embossed on
    their cups making them uniquely theirs.
  • Good Marketing: When kids want to keep their new favorite cup you’ll
    make an incremental sale and have your branding in their home to remind
    them of the good time they had.

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