NYC restaurant solves major mystery by reviewing old surveillance

August 18th, 2014 by A.J. Mesalic Leave a reply »

An analysis of wait times by a New York restaurant went viral.  It showed the effect that smartphones are having on the duration of guest stays.  As we read this we wondered what restaurants are doing to cope with the challenge of having kids sitting in a seat longer.  Sitting just 45 minutes in one place is already difficult for many kids, especially under the age of seven.

Longer waits due to smartphone use

Longer stays due to smartphone use

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  1. Brian Olsen says:

    This is an interesting perspective. I hadn’t thought of smartphones having this effect but it matches my experience. There is some entertainment of kids happening with smartphones, but with the parents busy using their phones for these activities like posting photos of the food and company, what’s left for the kids to do but color?

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