Family Hospitality Group Launches SPUDnik1™ Tablet & Kids’ Entertainment Systems

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  SPUDnik, child, securement cable shown


Chicago, IL – May 05, 2012 – Today at the National Restaurant Show, Family Hospitality Group unveiled a suite of next-generation “digital” kids entertainment systems for use anywhere in public where kids need help to pass the time while waiting. The new product line is a literal game changer from the pattern of 31 years of print & color foodservice entertainment tracing its lineage to the McDonalds Happy Meal. Members of the media and restaurateurs are invited to the Technology Pavilion display to get hands-on in the name of fun.

The new “Classy Kids Digital Entertainment” options for restaurant fun include an iPad-like tablet (at a small fraction of the cost) trademarked “SPUDnik” in a nod to its foodservice roots. The tablet comes pre-loaded with a proprietary, “kiddified” operating system, and can be secured by a retractable cable that simultaneously allows some range of freedom and charges the device. In addition, customers can use a mobile device such as their iPhone or Android phone to access a link on the company’s ever-popular and patented triangular crayon packages (for restaurants offering the full experience) to a portal full of boredom-beating content, and third a unique smartphone holder that helps users access the fun while propping their smartphone up.

Regardless of access method, kids can now choose from classic e-books, tutorials, art simulators, syndicated cartoon episodes, and recognized games – each filtered by age. “We are delighted to be working with Family Hospitality in supplying award-winning animation and live action content for kids in restaurants to engage in,” said Kevin Gillis, CEO and Executive Producer of Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group.

Project leader AJ Mesalic said, “Our field testing has proven that these new Digital Entertainment access methods are built for foodservice, and that they raise the restaurant fun factor by about 10 notches! We’re applying our expertise in entertaining kids and systems engineering to enable companies like Denny’s to offer a better family dining experience than ever before.” The tablets are on sale now for $149.95 each plus optional subscription plans starting at $4.95 per month to access a fresh stream of content. The printed link to the Digital Entertainment portal is provided as a value-add to the company’s line of traditional print & color restaurant menus/games. Smartphone holders sell for $95 for 500.

Restaurant manager Doc Vranici said of the comprehensive CK Digital Entertainment system, “It’s remarkable how excited kids are about these new entertainment options. In just two days we started seeing families come back specifically so the kids could play on them while waiting. My staff and I haven’t had to do a bit more work and everyone’s happier.”

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