Family Hospitality Group Sponsors the 5th Annual Diamond Kid Triathlon

June 28th, 2011 by Classy Kid Leave a reply »

Thank you Sponsors for making this possible. And most of all thank you Diamond Kid Racers, for racing your hearts out and making us all so proud!

via Diamond Kid Triathlon home page.

We were thrilled to be a part of this terrific event. The Diamond Kid Triathlon is run in Blue Diamond, Nevada every June. About 250 young athletes, often competing for the first time, race through a combination of swim, bike, and running distances ranging from 2.5 to 5 total miles over a hilly course. The Family Hospitality team loves to promote healthy, active lifestyles among the youth of today. Many kids had a blast and will find the fun and reward in lifelong fitness because of this event. We appreciate the organizers for putting on a first class race.

Each child also received a goody bag after the race which included their favorite Classy Kid Products.

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